Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to resolve my case?
A lot of this will depend on the extent of your injuries. Once your claim has been settled – there is no going back. That is why we must ensure you are either fully recovered or we have a clear picture of what problems or set backs you may face in the future. In minor cases this will probably take a few months but in some instances this could take a few years.

How much will I get?
There are several ways you may receive compensation for your injuries: These include:

  • Losses related to pain and suffering and your quality of life.
  • Past loss of income – this will compensate you for income (after tax) you would have earned but for the accident.
  • Future loss of earnings – this includes compensation for the difference between what you can now earn as opposed to what you would have been able to earn if you had not been injured.
  • Out of pocket expenses – this includes expenses for treatment, housekeeping and other costs incurred due to your accident.
  • Future cost of care – we will hire experts to determine the cost of ongoing or future treatment, housekeeping assistance, and other costs you will face due to your injuries.
  • Other losses – each case has its own unique problems and there may be specific damages that can apply.

Will there be a trial?
Although most cases settle out of court, we approach each case as if we will have to go to trial. Every case is serious and deserves our complete attention. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure you receive fair and prompt compensation. ICBC knows we are thorough and prepared and usually find it is in its best interests to settle out of court.

What experience do you have in accident cases?
With over 75 years’ experience in personal injury law, accidents are all we do. We only act for individuals – never the insurance company. Please see our results section to view past successes in and out of court.

How much will this all cost?
You will never be out of pocket while we work to settle your claim. We only charge a fee based upon the amount of settlement – no settlement – no fee. We also pay* all costs associated with pursuing your case until it settles – these include but are not limited to court filing fees, expert opinions, etc.

*Some exceptions apply - talk to us to see if you qualify.