What Do I Do Next?

Important Guidelines For Personal Injury Claims

Speak to a lawyer before calling the insurance company – remember ICBC or the insurance company is not on your side.

Document Everything
Get Medical Help and Assessment

At the accident scene or soon as possible, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING

  • Witnesses - Get witnesses names, phone numbers and email addresses
  • Other drivers’ information and licence plates – note whether the licence plate is from BC or another jurisdiction
  • Location of the accident – streets, number of lanes, colour of lights, type of lights
  • Photos - Photograph everything including injuries, vehicle damage and the location the accident occurred.
  • Details – the weather, the road conditions, the traffic conditions, etc.
  • Police File Number and Report – ask the police for a file number and if possible a copy of the police report;
  • Ask for the contact information of anyone you speak to at the scene including emergency personnel and other onlookers.
  • Write down as many details of how the accident happened as possible.

Get medical help and assessment:

  • Listen to the paramedics or other emergency services personnel if they suggest or recommend you go to the hospital. If they suggest you go, you should go.
  • See your family doctor as soon as possible. Tell your doctor about all of your injuries regardless of how minor you think they are. Include any problems you’re having with sleeping, fatigue, headaches and other symptoms that you have started to feel after the accident. Discuss and write down everything – ensure your doctor has a complete record of all your symptoms and treatments you have or will be doing.
  • Remember that not all injuries are physical. Accidents can result in mental anguish, stress, and depression. All of these conditions will be part of your claim and compensation.
  • Continue to see your family doctor regularly. If your doctor doesn’t know your current or ongoing condition, your doctor cannot help you. If you don’t go, your doctor cannot track your improvements and setbacks and may not recognize if you should be seen by a specialist.
  • Ensure you get all necessary tests and specialist referrals – if you don’t think you are getting the proper recommendations – tell us. We work with your doctor to ensure that your injuries are fully investigated.
  • Discuss major decisions with your doctor, such as whether you should or should not be working or you should be trying a different type of treatment.
  • Follow all of your doctor’s and therapist’s recommendations. If you have any questions, ask.