Giusti Nairne

Trial Lawyers Call for Independent Review of ICBC from Auditor General

CBC Radio interviews Ron Nairne, Partner of Giusti Nairne Personal Injury Lawyers, in regards to the Trial lawyers of BC call for independent review of ICBC from the auditor general. Trial lawyers are calling on B.C.’s auditor general to conduct an independent review of British Columbia’s public auto insurer as ICBC’s losses jumped to a projected $1.3 billion by the end of the fiscal year, up from $11 million estimated by the previous B.C. Liberal government.    A few months ago, the losses were said to be $200 million.   Ron Nairne who is also co-chair of the Trial Lawyers Association of B.C.’s ICBC committee, says an independent review is needed to get a clearer financial picture of the crown corporation.

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